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Default Re: hi , i have some question - 11-01-2011

Originally Posted by chelseafc0512 View Post
1. the radius and the connections between all waypoint will always be showed,so that we can fly and detect wrong radius ,wrong connections
without standing at all waypoint
Some of connections between WPs are one-way connections. There are incoming (to the WP) and outgoing (from the WP) connections. How to show that - which one are incoming and which ones are outgoing, if You aren't atanding at the particular WP?
The radius is calculated automatically when You place the WP, so You don't need to check all of them. You need to check only those on WPs they are placed on some rutes when the bot would fall down if it would use the full range of the radius. If there is a wall nera WP, the radius is calculated so the bot wouldn't bump into the wall.

Originally Posted by chelseafc0512 View Post
2. when aiming at a waypoint the waypoint and its radius will change the color to notice us it is marking ,and all the waypoint
that connected to it will have different color from the waypoint we aim and all other waypoint

when we want to connect /disconnect ... waypoint 1 with waypoint 2 we can do like this :
1 . aim at a waypoint 1 and type the command that mark a waypoint 1
2 . and aim at other waypoint (waypoint 2) and type command we want (connect/disconnect) ,
it will do the function between the marked waypoint and the waypoint we are aiming at
The same problem - which one is incoming and which one is outgoing path?
BTW - You don't need to type manually any command from the console to add/remove WP/path. All You need is to prepare the special binding for the keyboard which makes the waypointing very easy and fast.
Read this.

Originally Posted by chelseafc0512 View Post
i have editing navigation mesh for zbots in condition zero ( which works like i said above) and i can do
many maps all day without getting dizzy (because i don't have to stand at all waypoint to check, i just fly and see
if there is wrong area or wrong connection)
but when waypointing, i feel dizzy very much and only works no more than 1-2 hours
The navigation for CZERO bots is completly different way done than the navigation for podbot mm (and other podbot clones), so the Waypointing cannot be comparable - so it cannot be done a similar way.
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