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Default Re: Zombie Plague mod compatibility - 28-12-2010

It has to make transfer of player to the other team a bit different way, so bots can notice who is in which team without being confused.
The Zombie Plague mod and bot works it should be - it's that just round starts n seconds later in this mod (so humans have some time to hide), still i can make the plugin that blocks user's fire if user is bot, but how can i make the bot ignore player from opposite team for n seconds of round?

2) ok
a) That would be great! This mod has some forwards/natives
b) In most cases there is no escape routes, sadly. anyway, bots right now a trying to keep distance (until they use a knife, lol) so human bot should just move back if there any free space/waypoints (and then probably find his way back to camp waypoint where it camped). What i mean is not leaving a camp waypoint over time and for any goals (like help someone or going hunting)
I have to check how about other zombie mods - if that is common for all those mods, I can make it also so without any cvar.
Most of zombie mods work this way, but some servers have zombie respawn switched off (zp_deathmatch 0), so it depend's on server's settings, not just mod itself. But anyway, that would be really better if they would not camp. Otherwise game becomes something like "who will get bored first" - zombies waiting on one side of barricade and humans on other.
d) ok!
e) That's probably the solution!
f) ok

From that what I could see while playing Zombie Plague - bots didn't behave very bad. I would even say - as for bots - their game playing was acceptable for me. I believe there might be some users they aren't satisfied, but it's always so - bots are bots only...
That's right, major bugs are mostly zombies camping and humans using knifes and leaving camp waypoints...also zombies sometimes stand still for no reason (it looks like zombie bot targets a human that he can't reach (pathfinding fails because way is blocked by other players/etc) and stands still waiting for path to be found) ignoring when you shoot him, until a certain human comes near it, then it attacks.

Thank you very much for your answer!
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