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Re: Zombie Plague mod compatibility
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Default Re: Zombie Plague mod compatibility - 27-12-2010

1. - this ZP plugin problem, not podbot mm. It has to make transfer of player to the other team a bit different way, so bots can notice who is in which team without being confused.
2. No more cvars - especially just only for some mod. The bot has to be universal.
a) I think I can check if the enemy is zombie, so the bot-human shouldn't use the knife (without any extra cvar).
b) if the zombie is too close - the bot SHOULD leave the camp waypoint (otherwise the camping bot-human has no chance to survie).
c) Bot-zombie really shouldn't camp, but I have to check how about other zombie mods - if that is common for all those mods, I can make it also so without any cvar.
d) That I have to check also with other zombie mods - more than likely I can check somehow there is any zombie mod active on the server to do it so (then I don't need to add any extra cvar again).
e) there is a task - "Bot hunts an enemy" - probably - if the bot is a zombie - this task can have longer timer to expire and also higher priority (no need extra cvar).
f) That would need to significantly change the whole task system, so You can forget about this feature.

From that what I could see while playing Zombie Plague - bots didn't behave very bad. I would even say - as for bots - their game playing was acceptable for me. I believe there might be some users they aren't satisfied, but it's always so - bots are bots only...
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