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Zombie Plague mod compatibility
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Warning Zombie Plague mod compatibility - 27-12-2010

Zombie Plague is the most famous CS 1.6 mod for now (it easily pushed away from the scene such mods like warcraft3FT and gungame) just click Find Server -> Internet and see for yourself.

POD bot works fine with ZP, but there are some bugs:
  1. 1) before round starts, bots are shooting at each other. Is there a possibility to introduce pb_bot_holdfire_delay cvar that will make bot don't shoot for n seconds of game? (it can also be used to make bots don't attack you, which is very usefull for testing, btw)
  2. 2) Can you add a pb_zombie_plague cvar, that will make following changes:
  • sometimes when zombie (terror) gets close to human (CT) bot, human bot moves, keeping safe distance while shooting (and that's AWESOME), but sometimes human bot takes a knife and attacks, lol. human (CT) bot should NEVER use a knife.
  • in ZP mod, CT (human) bot must NEVER leave a camping waypoint.
  • in ZP mod, T (zombie) bot must NEVER camp, only rush to the CT'S (Humans) locations.
  • in ZP mod, camp waypoints must be more important.
  • in ZP mod, once T bot (zombie bot) sees a human, it remembers it's location and also tells all other zombie bots to rush there. If human leaves this location, the information about location is reseted.
  • in ZP mod, bots should not care about any task, the CT's bots should camp, the T's should rush to CT's. They should rush non-stop and know where CT's are if at least any of T's bot seen CT's bot.

Can you please make these options?
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