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Blitz (Beta test 1, 0.0.9) waypoints for FritzBot_ET
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Warning Blitz (Beta test 1, 0.0.9) waypoints for FritzBot_ET - 19-07-2014

Since the wiki is still down, this is a notice to say that I have first playable WIP waypoints in early testing stage for the small ET map; blitz by =BO= Ganjaman.

I am still tweaking (to get bots to the second story window when the Axis side floods), and have not done balance testing yet. Note: I doubt the map will ever make our 2:1 balance level for waypoint release and the mapper might have reused the same filename for different incompatible versions so wrong map version might crash Fritz ET. BTW: I have created 7 new axis upper level spawn pads as a workaround for 2 problem spawnpads in the lower Axis Spawn.

Anyone who wants to help test can request the waypoints with a PM.
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