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Default Re: Frontline Force - 22-09-2012

Had a blast with this bots! We were defending on flf_lombardi and just about 11 secs down the attackers manage to penetrate us by the church. I managed to kill 1 bot but they were 2 so the other one got away and one bot behind me got me and 3 secs down that bot still managed to capture haha wish I was recording it. They nabbed us the win with just a freakish split seconds LoL!

Had to finetune attacker spawn points waypoints though to make them spread out more.

Too bad the major recoding on flf v2 really broke hpb 4 or 3 yet 1.8b looks better
so fuck flfv2 hehe!

now let me dig up some flf wpts I made and some flf wpt packs I got a decade ago.
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