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Re: Unable to load R2b46d on Linux
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Default Re: Unable to load R2b46d on Linux - 27-09-2005

Hi KWo:

I must start to appologize, since I made an incorrect statement before. After checking it I found out that the above i386 binary is correctly built, the problem is that the build environment used is either out of specs or in some other manner misbehaving, since the binary was linked against mixed generation libraries.

Valve's recommendation (followed by Metamod and as such one that all Metamod plugins should follow) for a i386 Linux binary was using a pure EGCS (GCC-2.9x) generation build environment, until recently when they released the latest SDK and unified recomendations for i386 and AMD64 platforms under GCC-3.3 or GCC-3.4 generation build environment.

I'm attaching my builds in case you or someone want to check them out. They're built to specs with GCC-3.4 (the Windows DLL is a MinGW cross-compile build and can be removed if one prefers - and/or has - a native build).

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