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Default Re: Depot Map - 24-04-2005

I remember one time i was playing on a one life to live server late at night on depot. I was a medic and all my team members were killed off and so was the other team besides 1 player. Anyways we kept running the level finding each other for like 20 minutes. Finally one of my teamates told me he was camping up by the axis artillery gun looking down the cliff.

So i creeped up there through the warehouse and looked around the corner and sure enough he was there. Right as i opened fire on him i lagged out and he ended up killing me before i could get a shot off. Man that sucked so bad, i could have taken him too.

Thank god Mal is making bots, i miss playing RTCW MP.

Oh and don't worry about Depot, i'm sure it'll get waypointed for next release from the looks of it.

Hey Mal since we're on the subject of One-Life to live, that's something you could possibly add to the scripting system. Where the bots can play LMS game modes (be it one life or 5 life, and so on). Have the script variable indicate to the bots that you are running with limited lives and the actual number and have it to where they select their classes based off that. (I remember servers would have like 1/2 medics and the rest misc classes)

That would be sweet, but not too big of a deal, just something extra to add later on or something.

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