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Which Cfg File to use ?
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Default Which Cfg File to use ? - 01-10-2004


I'm new JoeBOt user on my Dedicated Linux Server.

I found out a couple of Trick and bugs after few games :

1- There are two Config file, joebot.cfg, and bot .cfg.
This is a little confusing .... Some options are not available in bots, like Campprobability for example.. Which one is the best to use ?
2 -The bots are leaving each time a human enter the game . How to Prevent this ? I tried few things with some variable, but as I don't know which cfg file is to use , I missed certainly the Right command
3- When the map changes, all the BOts Leave !!! I'd like them to stay . HOw to do this ?

Except this, I like these bots, not too clever not to dumb.. they have exceptional "Kill" skill. The only regret I have is that they are rather poor Bomb defuser ,amd poor hostages rescuer....

Thanks for answers !
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