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Re: Time to make some decisions?
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Default Re: Time to make some decisions? - 18-04-2004

i've been away for the past few days :p

Looks like things are coming along. Just a note or 2..
This game will be free, and open source. With maybe a closed source 'Anti-Cheat' module.

A couple of map ideas i've had (if they offend, i appologise in advance, the ideas were designed as an insight into what could be done.)

Terror on the Airlines: A senario where a plan has been taken over by terroists, the 'Good Guys' and maybe another teams start in seperate areas of the plane, their objective is simple, elimiate the terrorist threat. There would be a box or 2 of weapons stashed in the plane for people to grab. Maybe if we do it well enough, we can have the plane moving, and possibly people 'bad footing' themselves, making accuracy harder. maybe have some interesting effects for if a player 'shoots thru the hull' (We may be able to get away with a plane pilot trying to fly to a goal.. or.. more planes, with CTs trying to board, who knows )

War in Iraq: Another Terrorist / CT style map (with maybe other forces that can 'assist' one team or the other). Only in this map (and maybe others) there will be civilians, which could be programmed to riot against the team / player that kills the most of em :p

Like i say, those were based on real life events, which could provide a great foothole for the game. The recent "War on Terror" provides a large number of possible scenarios.

From what i've seen thou, people dont wanna 'respawn' during rounds, which imo limits us a lot. we cant have large maps, due to 1 on 1's (They will never find each other) meaning theres no need for any form of vehical. Unless theres a map type that does 'waypoints' when you reach one, your team respawns at it (in a 'push' fashion)but if you all die before reaching a waypoint, its game over.. *WATCH OUT FOR SNIPERS!*

Another thing i want, is life like damage. One thing i hate about CS, is that you can pound a player with about 3 pistol shots to the head (this is without helmet) and they still not die. Same with a knife. It will make tactical manuvouring more favoured, thus involking team play
Anyway, thats all i have to say for now

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