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Re: Time to make some decisions?
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Default Re: Time to make some decisions? - 15-04-2004

i said this one before and at least Botmeister agreed here:

i think it should stay as modern as possible......the recent world situations are the best platform for a game to attract attention...even if it takes 3 years to produce it.

a CS like game in the Middle East atmosphere.....desert towns.....dune regions......around oil refineries, weapons factories, remote terrorist training camps and and and......a Palace or 2 could get shot up too.....!!! Thats will be some nice looking mapping !!

I really like what Stephan said at the bottom of page 2 for the game properties. Ava3ar has a great few points too! Especially the lighting problems.....differentiating inside electrical light and outside environmental

my the plan to go commercial with it.....or just a free thing?
the idea of getting Ogre suggest it will be something commercial.

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