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Default Re: podbot server - 16-10-2006

I finally got my listenserver listed on steam for cstrike

// Use this file to configure your LISTEN server. 
// This config file is executed on server start. 
echo "executing listenserver.cfg" 
// default server name. 
hostname " Counter-strike WeekDays Server" 
// IMPORTANT: set the following variable for your LAN or INTERNET play (put // to turn off which option you don't want) 
sv_lan 0 ; echo "*** INTERNET SERVER RUNNING! ***" 
//sv_lan 1 ; //echo "*** LAN ONLY SERVER RUNNING! ***" 
sv_region 0 // US East
// tell the master servers your real IP address 
// IP 
// disable autoaim - leave this 0 
sv_aim 0 
// disable clients' ability to pause the server - leave this 0 
pausable 0 
// maximum client movement speed 
sv_maxspeed 320 
// 20 minute timelimit 
mp_timelimit 30
// leave this to 0 
sv_cheats 0 
// load ban files 
exec listip.cfg 
exec banned.cfg 
// make it so your settings are used every map change 
mapchangecfgfile listenserver.cfg 
// turn on logging 
mp_logfile 1 
log on
I got this from my listenserver.cfg, I sopose its basicly the same for server.cfg

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