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Re: How to install RealBot? Here is a guide!
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Thumbs down Re: How to install RealBot? Here is a guide! - 25-07-2008

I had posted a reply here but somewhere along the way it did not post here.

Well, the past 24 hours have been adventurous for us.

Here is what we did.

Due to realbot locking up the entire system now, we had to pull this server off of our main gameserver box.

We created a new build of our Mandriva 2008.0. Not as good as the current, but this is our original box we ran servers off of back in our hay-days.

I do not have any dump files due to the lock up of the system. The video and the mouse was the only thing that came up. The server was locked as well as the system time this afternoon after running overnight. The time of the lock up was 6:36 AM EDT. Was not found until 2:30 - 3:00 PM.

Here is where the sever can be found at:


We are willing to do what ever needs to be to done to help Stephan.

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