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Default Re: progress - 16-01-2018

Originally Posted by tschumann View Post
Yeah I think the bots might prioritise enemies over capturing the flag - that probably needs some tweaking (even on op4ctf_hairball they just get stuck killing each other in the middle of the ice).
Okay so in BotThink the bot will look for an enemy 40% of the time, but BotThink gets called every frame I think, so that's no good. I might change FindEnemy to only look for a new enemy if the bot doesn't have the flag (or if it has the flag and has very low health or something like that).

Originally Posted by Persephone View Post
Well, I've already tested op4cp_park, and I don't know why BOT just roaming around in capture points after they have finished capture it. I was hope if they will looking for another capture points, but in fact they didn't.

As a result, stand by in the same place together, it will make my penguins go happy
Yeah I still need to add support for capture point maps.
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