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Default Re: Fritz ET FAQ - READ ME FIRST! - 03-06-2009

My apologies for the late reply, (I thought this topic was locked).

The dialog box when you access the wiki states the username and password to use to access the directory (i.e. wiki, nospam). This is mentioned in 2 or 3 topics in these forums including the topic specifically about working on the wiki.

The offline backups that I posted on my FileFront page have recently disappeared along with all but the most recent waypoints with no explanation. So with Geocities closing down soon I may put the next backup in the Filebase after BU performs the next upgrade of the forum software.

Update: finally got an email from FileFront, seems they are clearing out low activity files on 4 days notice. So the wiki backup file for 2008 is back online but for how long I don't know.

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