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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 26-05-2017

A new update. I have been working hard on perfecting the steering behaviours and I think I've got it pretty solid. Bots now rarely get stuck, and if they do they can usually get out of it pretty quickly. Here you can see the skulk handling more complex paths without a hitch. The way it handles vents in particular is really slick.

The movement is still a little wobbly in places, this is partly because the bot tries to stick more closely to the precise route. It does this by checking its distance from the path and if it's too high, it corrects and moves closer to it. I am being quite strict right now to avoid the bot getting caught on obstacles when navigating narrow passages, but some more tweaking will find the right balance

Next up, I want to handle button-operated doors. This will require adding a "detour" feature, so you can calculate a path and then, if it crosses a button-operated door, add a detour to where the button is. This hopefully will not be too difficult!
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