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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 12-06-2017

A progress update. I have made some tweaks to the movement code so the bot is better at determining if it is straying from the path and how strictly it needs to do so. This has fixed a lot of the jittery movement seen in the previous video.

I have also done some work on auxiliary functions which will be important later, such as being able to trace a line through navigation sectors for things like reachability. This will be needed for important additions like anti-aliasing on paths to further smooth them and have the bot move in a more human-like manner with fewer 90-degree "kinks" in the route taken.

Off the back of this, I have added new jump connections to allow the bot to determine if it can reach a distant position more directly by jumping. This ultimately allows it to jump over gaps and take shortcuts it would otherwise have to walk the long way to reach. Here is an example of it in action:

And here is another example in cs_italy:

It is not quite fit for purpose yet as the bots are not smart enough to figure out that they need to have the correct forward momentum before attempting a jump. If they are approaching a jump from the wrong angle they'll just leap off in that direction, usually missing the jump miserably. This wasn't a problem when the only jumping was up onto a crate or step, but when leaping across a gap of course it matters.

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