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Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why?
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Default Re: 3rd Party Bot for CSS? Why? - 24-07-2008

Maybe bot coders should have a donation center?
It would help give some incentive to bot coders and help gain more knowledge in the field of coding.

However, when recieving donations, bot coders will feel pressured and unhappy, even obligated to work on an old project that they want to give up on.

If bots-united can request donations, why not specific bot coders?
I would surely donate to KWo for his more than generous time that he has put in a bot that he later picked up.

However, starting in a new game with a source that hardly works would be a big challenge and time consuming. Trial and error is all you can do, and the time spent on making errors add up.

I thought Python was a web making language.... hmmm.. Seems that I must investigate.

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