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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 24-04-2008

Interesting to see a different perspective. I was impressed by your use of set{} to dynamically shift the func_fakebrushes. I also note Loffy's interesting way to handle no-win-draws.

Steals and delivers are like dynamite/constructs for engineers. The bot will take some significant damage before deciding to fight. This is so the bot remains focused on the objective. Nothing worse than a bot that prefers to fight over winning the game. We all have known Humans like that, and wish they were on the other team. It can be a bit funny when two focused engineers pass or two carriers. That is why we try to get other bots to camp or roam to the deliver/construct/dyno areas.

Yes the fake delivery point is not a camp though I did make the bot turn to face attackers. The bot will act like it is focused on the objective. No way offhand to force the carrier to a camp, so fake delivery points are really about hiding until the time is right. But you never want to let a carrier hide alone...

As to the G_spawn that is to be expected (saw it on a timelimit extended test). The map has 962 entities already including your addition of 28 more (console command is /entitylist). This includes the players and corpes but not their dropped weapons or items. And all non-bullet weapons may temporarily take some too when fired/thrown (mines, dyno, panzer-rockets, grenades, smokecans, air-cans, air-can explodes, artill explodes etc.). The artillery and aircans are the worst since they use multiple entities allocated all at one go. My advice; keep the fake entities minimal (reuse what you can), limit the number of field ops and bots playing, and don't use /mal_showSpawns 1 when waypointing a full map. It uses a bunch of temp entities. You could also skip the 12 fake func_explosives on the flag barriers and move their aiscript codelines into the prior steals tests on if_obj_captured conditions.

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Nodes 145 and 479 need a outward connection at a minimum when the truck doors are closed. I have seen 3 bots trapped on them so far including a bot who fell there having just picked up the flag above. I recommend either add suitable node_connects in the aiscript or copy the static connects in my previous post.

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