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Weird problem with map mp_xdam
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Default Weird problem with map mp_xdam - 10-12-2005

We have xdam in the map-rotation cycle of our server. Logging on this morning, we found the map running with all the bots invisible and stuck in place. Time had run out but the round had not ended. We could run around in the map except when we hit an invisible bot. This would prevent us from continuing; usually we could get around them unless they were stuck in a doorway.. They were impervious to gunfire and explosives, too. Grabbing the objective and returning it to the transmitter room as required did not end the game. The limbo screen indicated that this was a death match" when it should have been an objective game. The scores of all the bots were zero.

I did a map_restart, all the bots reappeared and the game looked like it was going to be normal. The limbo screen indicated that this was an objective round, as it should.

When one of our bots snatched the objective, I made my way to the transmitter room ahead of him to see what would happen. He entered the room, ran to the transmiter table, nothing happened; he ran to the door and back again many times. Finally I took the objective from him and did it myself with no change. Eventually the other bots blew the rest of the objectives and the game ended. When the "Allies win" screen appeared, it could not be removed, other than by another map_restart.

I could find nothing amiss with my map-rotation config -- no typos, no wrong gametype, etc. This is a copy of the relevent lines:
// X-DAM
set d36 "g_gametype 5; map mp_xdam; set nextmap vstr d36b"
set d36b "map_restart; set nextmap vstr 37"

I ran through the game alone, no bots, and found that the game would not end if I got the objective to the radio room. There was no acknowledgement that this event had occurred. It would seem that the objective actually need not be taken anywhere, other than to be snatched away from the axis.

So it looks like there is something awry with the map itself. This would be a good map were it not for this weird behavior. Has anyone come across the same situation??
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