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Re: Wroclaw Map Bugs
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Default Re: Wroclaw Map Bugs - 29-11-2005

We thought that you'd appreciate our reports of bugs that we notice while playing Fritzbot. We just wanted to make sure that we weren't stepping on anyone's toes! Both "the f0x" and I have experience with computers and programming and we both are obsesesive about wanting things to work right.

RE Wroclaw, perhaps a wee line in a Readme would help those folks who don't frequent this forum regularly?

I don't understand how an errant waypoint file could cause so much havoc with the rest of my maps. Over a dozen of them lost their objectives and were unplayable because of it. Sure, we could run around trying to achieve the objectives as we knew them, but the bots usually just fought it out with the enemy bots. Without objectives, a round never ended.

After identifying the dozen maps that were affected, I tried the usual things: restarted Fritzbot, rebooted the computer, and reinstalled Fritzbot. None helped.

I fired up WolfMP and verified that the objectives were, indeed, there and functioning properly, so the problem HAD to be in Fritzbot. By trial and error (many errors), I discovered that if I loaded a misbehaving map in WolfMP THEN loaded it in Fritzbot, it would be fixed. So I did this for all the objective-less maps and now all seem to be functioning properly.

EXCEPT for the fact the I have to manually load the bots from the console if I load a map from the console. If I load a map from the Main Menu, the lots usually load automatically. Before Wroclaw, the bots would always load no matter which method I chose to load a map (as long as I was the only player connected).

At present, I'm set up as a listening server but soon will have a rental server which will hopefully eliminate the f0x's lag problem due to my limited DSL upload rate.

Happy head-scratching . . .
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