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Re: Fritz v.50 BETA Preview Thread
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Default Re: Fritz v.50 BETA Preview Thread - 21-05-2005

No, Fritz isn't dead.

I've finished 90% of the script system. This is one of the most powerful system I've seen for any third party bot out there.

To start:

1. You can define what events happens when the map first starts - do most bots go eng? does all axis soldiers use panzers? its your choice!

2. You have the option of turning off/on certain actions on the fly.

Lets give an example from beach: say you want the bots to man the mg42 thats inside the bunker (the one thats beside the ladder that goes up to the upper bunker), if the wall is breached, but not the door (because enemies would just flank around behind you), you can do that. When the wall breaches, turn "on" that action for the mg42, and the bots will hang around it, gunning down anyone who comes thru the breach. When the door breaches, turn it "off", so they focus their efforts elsewhere.

3. You can do conditional actions: if axis have the flag, make them take up camp positions on the beach to harrass the allies, but if allies have the flag, make axis camp the warroom. You can easily turn off/on actions with this system, in realtime, as the battlefield changes.

4. You can play around with bots choosing their class and weapon, based on events in the game.

5. You can control where the bots can and can't move, based on events in the game.

6. This feature is still being worked on, but I'm making it where you can define alternate routes from specific start points to specific action locations: for bots spawning at the flag, you can define as many alternate routes to get to the warroom as you desire - ALL inside the script, so you can change it easily with a simple text editor! You will have a LOT of control of the bots path choices, WITHOUT taking away their ability to think for themselves. And ironically, this system will actually speed up the bots path calculations and is encouraged for the bigger maps like depot.

7. A simple syntax. I've seen other script systems for bots that appear more like cryptic C++ code that only a programmer could understand than a script language. FritzScript will be more like simple english.

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