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Re: Time to make some decisions?
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Default Re: Time to make some decisions? - 14-04-2004

Originally Posted by FrostyCoolSlug
I dont like the idea of 'Switching Servers' mainly due to the large number of servers all over the world, the idea of multiple teams with the ability to 'form alliances' is a good idea, but could make the game VERY unfair (5 people per team, 4 teams, 3 teams ally, its then 15vs5.. so it has its downsides :p
Real life warfare is never fair!

Team stacking is a problem even on isolated servers. There's various methods available to help even the teams up, and the same methods could apply to a server grouping.

The idea of grouping servers together would be much more controlled than you may think. The formation of linked servers can be done based on a stable and similar ping (between all linked servers) to keep the game play performance similar across servers. That way when you go from server A to server B your ping will stay about the same. Also, server ops would have to authorise the links as a means to create a bigger game, otherwise there would be no way to keep meaningfull team scores, stats and so on. Effectively, you'd be playing on a coordinated and grouping of servers, who's server ops all agreed to the hook up. Of course ad-hoc links of servers can also be allowed between server ops who allow for it. The ping level tolerance, chosen maps, and so on would be left up to the individual server oporator. A server admin could simply choose to remain isolated (as we see now with games such as HL) or decide to join a group of servers, specifying the linking criteria.

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