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Default Re: GBot@Dedicated - 25-08-2004

Done. I added a command that pops up a motdwindow with information about the plugin, and reserved a spot for a brief description of grogbot.

If you want to test it, you've got sufficient acces to play with it on my server. The commands are:
* amx_maxbots <#bots>
* say /maxbots <#bots>
* amx_minbots <#bots>
* say /minbots <#bots>
* amx_bots <#min> <#max>
* amx_addbot <team#> <class#> <botname> <skill> (botname should be 1 word, without "quotes", all fields required)
* say /bots (motd window)
* say /grogbots (idem)

amxx_grogbot.amx (amxx0.16)
amxx_grogbot.amxx (amxx0.20-TP3 only)

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