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Re: Time to make some decisions?
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Default Re: Time to make some decisions? - 26-05-2004

*thinks about it..*
*Gets Headache*
I hate thinking

Anyway, i suppose to an extent, you are right.. but.. it would be VERY crude, no real weapons or player models, more like a bunch of skeletons running around. Its more a 'proof of concept' rather than a crude deathmatch game, once you can get more than one player into the game, spawn them, and have them all running around together, its THEN that you can start adding game rules. (You could always give them guns, and release it as 'skeleton deathmatch' ). I Think from there, you add teams, then weapons. It seems more logical that way, rather than code a load of stuff for deathmatch, then have to change it all again for teamplay :p

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