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Re: hi , i have some question :d
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Default Re: hi , i have some question :d - 12-12-2010


Yeah, tbh some waypointers try to make their waypoints as basic as possible to lower file sizes.. but me? I like to just layer the maps with as many waypoints as I can to give the bots more choices.. besides, once you zip a waypoint it shrinks in size a lot when uploading to the filebase, so don't limit your waypointing.

My current advice would be to switch to Podbot MM since it has more updates and the waypoint editor is better.. albeit I did love the challenge that e[POD]bot gave me when I played against them... so what I used to do was edit waypoints in podbot mm and then redo the camp waypoints.

ZOMG! Heyyo Storm! Bro long time no see eh? Got a job coding? that's awesome! congrats man! Is it for a gaming company or some kind of business program creator? I myself am an A+ Certified computer technician, but thinking of switching to work in the oilfields as a Wellhead Service Tech... so I would go from fixing computers to maintaining oilfield wells, lol

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