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Post Re: FritzBot Dev for ET - 10-11-2017

Originally Posted by TomTom View Post
Part 3 (waypointing tools) is in the file-base now, along with an off-line version of Denny's RTCW tutorial (for comparison...)
I noticed a mistake. I dropped the dll file for Hobbit's Waypointing Tool in the wrong directory. Just move ICSharpCode.TextEditor.dll from the \tools folder to the \tools\Hobbits-WaypointTool sub-folder. It is needed for edit functions in the aiscript part.

I'll correct the mistake when I update the file with the missing help pages.

( Sorry for the delay on the next file (my waypointer's snapshot). My only excuse is real life and my precaution of a quick test of each map's waypoints )
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