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Read This Before Posting!!!
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Default Read This Before Posting!!! - 16-07-2004

Here is general Podbotmm forum. Normally You shouldn't post exactly here, but in some our sub-forums - according to the problem You have.

First, please, try the search function to look, if somebody - before You - didn't ask about the same. Remember to use "any date" in the search function. Then - if You can't find something satisfying You, choose some sub-forum to post.

If You want to ask about something - how to get bot to work, how to waypoint it, how to get it to work with other plugin or some other question concerning somehow to this bot - make a thread in Common Questions sub-forum.

If You can see some trouble with bot - bot is not working correctly - then look at "Bug reports", read the sticky there, and then make Your thread there.

If You have some idea how to improve this bot - there is also "Ideas" sub-forum for this type of posts.

If You are a coder and You have some suggestion to coding - there is a "Coding" subforum - correct place to this type of posts.

If You have some waypoints requests - the correct place to ask is outside this forum - it's Waypointing forum:

Also is better (for You and us ) if You read all "sticky" threads (here and in all sub-forums) - there are some important information helping You.

And don't forget about rules here:

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