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Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
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Default Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums - 05-07-2004

I stick to what I said: I'm going to do the job if ppl want me. So go ahead and open the thread(s) please.

Why I put the 's' in brackets? Well, because I think that one thread will be sufficient. You could offer 3 choices:
1. Only KWo
2. Only T Wrecks
3. Both of them

Oh, and I will also be away in the week before the 1st sunday in August... 5 days of Heavy Metal, BBQ, camping & beer are waiting for me... /starts drooling...

[EDIT] Just saw Huntakillaz' post... that's a good point. Maybe the poll should be like this: "Do you agree that KWo and T Wrecks become new moderators in the PB 2.6mm forum?"
1. Yes
2. No, take only KWo
3. No, take only T Wrecks
4. No, take somebody else (suggestions in post).

I'm not sure if we'd need '4.' at all. Post as you want - I'm off to bed now, gotta work tomorrow... CU!

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