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Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
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Default Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums - 04-07-2004

Well, I think I see a slight majority for KWo. We've all read his post, but despite the fact that in september he might have less time on his hands for moderating BU, I think he would be a good moderator. Heck, I don't have the slightest idea where I'll be in september! I'm just about to finish my studies, and afterwards I could be working in Nicaragua or whatever... In my current situation, september is science-fiction! If we run into problems, we can still get another moderator...

But first of all, we need one NOW, asap. That's why I'd like to come to an end and suggest we give the job to KWo, if nobody has any serious objections.

We others can help him out by directing his attention to (f)lamers and threads that had better be moved. Besides, we can contribute updates and new material for sticky threads (according to Huntakillaz' idea, which I consider to be a good one).

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