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Default Re: PHP Message Help - 16-06-2007

elseif(stristr($message, array('unknown', 'sex', 'porn', 'some sites', 'community', 'support', 'label', 'tripod', 'geocities', 'yahoo')) === FALSE)
  die("there is something bad");
Doesn't work well.

It will die weither there is a $badword or not.
I have also tried it true, and stristr and they all come back with the die weither the $badword is in it or not.
It works for finding something in a subject, but the subject doesn't have an array.

elseif(!stristr($subject, 'unknown') == FALSE)
  die("Subject is bad");
I found out when there is more than 1 option to look for it will ignore the script or string and move on.
Also if the string is in a certain way it will always die looking in the string or not.

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