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About the button flags and Lifts/elevators
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Default About the button flags and Lifts/elevators - 27-04-2004

this is for the April 25 release of POD-bot2.6mm

Button flags:
bots do not need button flags to open doors. if they have something blocking them they check around the area for a button that may open the door, and will open it. The door in de_prodigy is waypointed without a button flag!!

the button flag is to make them hit a button that is far away from a door, to support an elevator function, or to do simple things like turn on light switches(cs_militia), ring doorbells(cs_estate), the microphone of Elvis in de_vegas, and other map functions that dont affect gameplay directly.

The Elevator and the Lift flag:
The bot will understand an elevator to a certain extent. if he is alone and trying to navigate an elevator he will make it for sure.....maybe even with another bot too, but not acroud of them. the code for this function is not yet complete but is written so far that its at least supported and can be built upon.

to make it work right:
It is imperative that the button for a lift is button flagged. one waypoiont must be IN the elevator and Lift flagged......this applies to the elevator at its lowest point and its highest point. so we need at least 3 flags.....if there are 2 buttons one up.....and one down.......and youwant them to navigate the elevator in both directions it will be 2 button flags and 2 lift flags.

if a bot reaches an elevator that is moving.....he will literally wait for the elevator to stop......and then will press the button and head to the lift flagged waypoint. this CAN be problematic. (as_oilrig......the bots left below will wait at the button flagged waypoint and get crushed by the elevator)(cs_siege....the bots will fall into the hole)

i did not waypoint either of these elevator in the default waypoints supplied with this version of the bot for many reasons:
if you waypoint this elevator, most CT bots will take this route.....and WILL get stuck because its too many at one time......and because humans dont ever choose this route because it actually takes longer to get into the action. so to keep the general feel of public gameplay.....i excluded this entire area. it is a question of judgement.
i did not waypoint this elevator because it kills the bots who do not make it onto the platform on its first ride up.......they wait below and get crushed.

i would not waypoint ANY elevator that is close to a spawn area!
in a map like as_steel where the elevator is in the middle of the might get navigated ok because the probabiltiy of all of one team trying to use it is just not likely with this bot.

I hope this "Tutorial" helps you understand more about these parts of the bot.

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