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Some suggestions.
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Idea Some suggestions. - 12-03-2009

Hi. Just tested the bot. So, Im impressed. Good work ghost of evilspy.

Previosly I used Parabot on my servers and I would like to suggest some features for implementation that Parabot has.

Firstly, chat shortcuts. Your bots can tell something only to all, to random or specific person. Why not to add:

Map shortcut <%m for example> - bots would tell what they think about map that is running on a server.

Weapon shortcut <%w> - it would be possible to create phrases where bot would tell something about weapon he carrying.

Also it would be cool if bots will say something when they join and leave the server. Special events, maybe [JOINGAME] and [LEAVEGAME] in chat textfile. What its for? Its explained in next suggestion.

If you played with Parabots you know that they have possibility to simulate joining/disconnecting from the server. It would be nice realistic addition to JKBotti.

So, I think thats everything for today.

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