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Welcome to the Bots United Agora!
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Default Welcome to the Bots United Agora! - 10-01-2004

For those of you who don't know the word, in the ancient times, when the Greek were to discuss and debate of important issues for their republic, all men in town would meet at some place, rich and poor, old and youngs, everybody was allowed to speak and everyone's voice was heard, when you speaked, all the others were listening. There were no privileges and such, at this place, everybody was granted the same rights for expressing their ideas. The Agora is what it was called.

In this forum you are welcome to contribute to the present and the future of Bots United. Post your suggestions, comment on the council debates, express what you think of Bots United and what you want it to be. The only thing that you won't see, is the special forum where the Council members vote, where all the decisions are validated, according to our Governing Rules (

Nevertheless, you'll be able to follow every discussion here and you're welcome to add your contribution !

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