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Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm
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Default Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm - 15-02-2012

Originally Posted by KWo View Post
Welll - ML_NOTFOUND means that You need to copy also some *.txt files from addons_old\amxmodx\data\lang to amxmodx\addons\data\lang.

You can try to do also something else. Stop the server. Rename the new "addons" folder (comming from All-In-One package) to "addons_new" and restore the old "addons_old" folder (rename it back to "addons"), then just copy plugins.ini from metamod folder (from "addons_new") to the current (old) addons\metamod folder. Start the server. If the problem was just with plugins.ini file, that should help and You shouldn't need to put to much work with restoring back everything.
Ah ok! Cool, I'll give it a try!

Thanks again!
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