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Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm
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Default Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm - 14-02-2012

OK it's working. I used the "all-in-one" method in the end.

I think the "^M" is simply a carriage return, although I don't know why it appears on some lines and not others. My attempts to copy and paste it failed repeatedly.

OK, so podbot is working, but all my settings have reset so presumably I now just need to systematically copy back the config files from the addons_old folder and I should be sorted! (fingers crossed)

Thank you so much for all your help! Very much appreciated!

One thing, though, now none of my ingame onscreen stats displays are working... (Just the regular default stats, non-SQL)

They are being called but apparently with the wrong variable names. Onscreen during gameplay I get "ML_NOTFOUND" for everything that used to display... like wherever a username would have been displayed in situations like "Player_1 has stolen a level from Player_2" it now says "ML_NOTFOUND has stolen a level from".

They all worked fine before I installed the All-In-One package.

I realise this isn't part of Podbot, but do you happen to know what has happened and what I need to do to make it work correctly again?

Thanks again for your help.

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