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Default Re: hi , i have some question :d - 13-12-2010
Originally Posted by meester1 View Post

Does the "botskill.cfg" file actually exist? If not, is there any way to modify a bot's skill outside of whats in the file "EPB.cfg"

Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
My teammate Markus was working on new skill system, thats why he deprecated the old EPBskill.cfg things but after all he never finished the new skill system. ;(
is it needed to have a EPBskill.cfg file in EPODbot folder with the latest version of EPODBOT (5.3) ?
should we turn epb_ultraskill on to improve the skill of bots ? and in that case what is the value of min skill and max skill we should turn to have best bot ( bot shoot as quick as he can )
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