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Re: The faces of Muhammad
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Default Re: The faces of Muhammad - 01-02-2006

I found these cool posts on some blogs. Good to see that we are not fighting for freedom of speech alone

This was last September and the Muslims aren’t letting this issue go away. They’ve already lodged a somewhat florid protest at the UN, where they got the sympathy of a tranzi ear or two. But their aim is an abject apology from Denmark for breaking an Islamic taboo - or else. They grow more threatening and the courageous Anders Rasmussen calmly declines to change his mind, saying publishing cartoons is not against Danish law, which is the law that applies in Denmark.

Why are our cowardly leaders letting the steadfast Mr Rasmussen and the newspaper’s editors take the heat alone? Why has not one American Congressman raised the issue in Congress? No one would expect an unequivocal response from the British prime minister, but is there not one British MP brave enough to support Mr Rasmussen and the Danish people who are, after all, defending the liberty of all of us? Is there not one newspaper editor – even a tabloid – with the strength of conviction to support the Danes? Now Danish livelihoods are being threatened for failing to condemn this infraction against Islamic law, with boycotts of their products.

Is there not one damn’ politician in the entire Anglosphere who will take a stand with Mr Rasmussen? What about John Howard, then? The newly elected Harper? God help us, where is Jesse Jackson?

So far, the sole support has come from Norway – another Viking nation, let us note – one of whose papers printed the original article translated into Norwegian and ran the cartoons. Will not one elected member of an Anglosphere government stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr Rasmussen, who is single-handedly defending Western values and freedoms?
Denmark is under enormous pressure these days, thanks to the fascistic attempts of large parts of the Islamic world to force them to deny their Western birthright of free speech and free expression because one of their newspapers printed a few mildly critical cartoons of the Islamic Prophet. An Arab Muslim boycott of one of their largest dairy exporters, Arla Foods, is under way, in addition to the usual death threats and childish whining.

Support the cartoon anti-jihad and buy Danish products -- Denmark is fighting the good fight for all of us Western people and our right to preserve our traditional, free and open cultures.

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