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Re: Keyword Fix beta patch query
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Default Re: Keyword Fix beta patch query - 05-07-2008

It has been used by all the waypointers and reportedly by a few others over the last year and a half with no reports of issues specific to it. It is required by dedicated servers, non-dedicated hosts and waypointers on about a half dozen maps so far. Clients as always can be any OS standard plain ET as permitted.

BTW besides allowing waypoints for larger more complex maps it also includes the fix from the earlier experimental flag fix. This changes the behavior of a flag carrier (i.e. the stolen item carrier) so that he does not try uselessly to pick up a second flag that was dropped. This is important in maps like baserace. A cvar ( /g_droppedFlagTime n) is also available to override the time n in seconds that a dropped item remains in the map before it is returned.
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