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Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
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Default Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack - 24-05-2015

I too have offers and ideas on development of the bot

When at a point of a ways there are a lot of connections, the bot in game hangs on this point and doesn't move forward thus it brakes all team.
Maybe it is necessary to give in such cases to bots any first random way and not to count it way beforehand.

And it is necessary to add support of a plugin where players can pass the friend through the friend
pb_semiclip 0-1

i love snowball war plugin but unfortunately there is nobody to play, would be fun to play with bots
pb_snowballwar 0-1

pb_invisible 0-1 for invisible game mod when only 1 player in T team is invisible and with knife
Who will kill T that will become invisible T in next round

also it will be quite good if it is possible to delete automatically ways which are blocked by corners that bots bypassed corners of boxes and walls and didn't come across them

Maybe should add a little more similarity to the human. Add opportunity to rise to the bot on the bot to jump on an inaccessible box

Small fun tricks like that as at the end of a round the team of winners will come to a corpse of the last player and will knife it

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