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Re: Should Grave Bot be an open source project?
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Default Re: Should Grave Bot be an open source project? - 20-10-2004

I am also a free software freak but not quite as ayatollah as Whistler with his GNU dictatorship

Being open source provides several advantages but also has a certain number of inconvenients. You must all the time provide users with the latest version of your source code, and it must always be available. Else users who want to contribute always come up with bugs that have been fixed long ago. You also need to write your code cleanly, with a reasonable amount of commenting, so that someone who wants to have a look at it can do so easily, and so that those who want to contribute can write their contribution in an elegant and integrated way that blends with the rest.

It's the software which is free, not the coder

P.S. you should have added a "no opinion" option...

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