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Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot - 09-08-2006

Originally Posted by THE_STORM
Huh EPB have nothing to do with the Steam menus... For the instalation you had installed it in wrong directory.
You must install them in to the main CS dir(where hl.exe is located).
Whoops! Sorry I confused you a bit there...

My bad but the two posts I made were seperate...

For the first post I wanted to know how to properly use EPod Bot, aka get it started right.

For the second post I just wanted to save the irony and anger of going to another forum to search for answers of the question:

How to lower the size of the oversized search menu for the servers...

Ahh anyways, I installed EPod Bot to the type of path it's supposed to be installed to:


Etc etc etc...

Was that the right directory cause in another thread you said to install it in that dir, not the csstrike dir...

I need further help, please and thanx!
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