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Re: joebot does not load after linux OS upgrade
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Default Re: joebot does not load after linux OS upgrade - 02-10-2008

Just to show, what a "meta info joebot" produces (here on another server):

02:05:27 meta info joebot
02:05:27          name: (nil)
                  desc: <>
                status: badfile
                action: load
              filename: joebot/
              pathname: /home/cs/Custom3111e/hlds_l/cstrike/joebot/
                 index: 2
                source: ini file
              loadable:  -
            unloadable:  -
               version: (nil)
                  date: (nil)
                author: (nil)
                   url: (nil)
                logtag: (nil)
                ifvers: (nil)
           last loaded: Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970
         No DLLAPI functions.
         No DLLAPI-Post functions.
         No NEWAPI functions.
         No NEWAPI-Post functions.
         No Engine functions.
         No Engine-Post functions.
         Registered commands:
         0 commands
         Registered cvars:                      float value  string value
         0 cvars
         No child plugins.
And no, the installation is OK - to verify that, i even copied from another server which still run 9.3 and where joebots works fine!

I have no idea anymore :-(
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