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Re: Joining a team in CS 1.6
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Default Re: Joining a team in CS 1.6 - 11-06-2015

Well, my interest in Half-Life bots goes right back to the early versions of Jumbot and HPB bot sometime in early 1999. As far as CS bots go, it was the original Android bot for CS when it first came out (aka the first ever CS bot). They only worked on de_dust, you couldn't create your own waypoints and all they did was run around along very rigid paths and shoot at enemies (they would just stop and start shooting until either they or their opponent were dead). I still had dial up then so I only played online when my friends were playing, so even that was *something*.

I know I lurked on this forum right when it first came online, coming from the likes of Botepidemic, but I can't remember if I actually registered at any point or not. I used to go by the pseudonym "Darkslayer" back then. Maybe my old account is still there? No idea, my email has probably changed too.
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