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Default Bots Filling Server - 24-02-2006

I've just switched my server from Windows XP to GNU/Linux, and I thought I'd give JoeBot a try again, after having problems with instability when I last tried it. I saw there was a new version which was supposed to fix these problems, great.

Well I set it up, and fired up the server, and the server started nicely and bots were added, and kept being added, and kept on being added until I started getting little messages that the no more bots could be added because the server was full...

I've got everything set in the bot.cfg, and I tried copying that config to joebot.cfg. I tried both the metamod plugin and the standard version. The same thing keeps happening. I've got max_bots 8 in the bot.cfg, but that seems to be being completely ignored, and I've also set the JoeBot clan tag to be [JOE] but that also is being ignored, so I'm guessing that somehow the bot.cfg is not being loaded.

I'm wondering what I am missing, or if there is a major bug here.

bot.cfg default configuration with the exception of deleting the [JoE] and [J0E] tags.

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