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Re: [Suggestion] Make Light Reaction...+ More
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Default Re: [Suggestion] Make Light Reaction...+ More - 25-12-2007

Originally Posted by Stixsmaster View Post
Is there anyway to make it so that when they see a flashlight they will react to it? Also, is it possible to make it so that like on the one default map for HLDM, forget its name, but the level where you walk into an nuclear player that is on 1 side of the level and you press the button, have the bots when you hit that button react by continuing to fight but they also try to at the same time get to that building to be in side in time for the nuke to hit...and while they are in there they continue to fight....and then on top of that have them fight out more on the helipad stuff in front of that building...
React to flashlight.. hm.. what would I do if I saw someone using flashlight.. hm.. well if user would be behind wall I would know he/she is. I could add this to sound/listen system.

Well that's special maps feature and adding support would be.. map specific.. could do maybe with per map waypoint configs.. lot of work (too much?), but would be cool feature. Have to think about it.

Other than that I use these bots for my server and they are much better than HPB_bot v4.0 except for when sumone joins a bot does not leave like with HPB_bot...I would like that feature back...but yea the bots are way more challenging and actually jump and duck more to dodge things...
max_bots/min_bots settings in jk_botti.cfg? I know servers using this feature.
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