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Re: [Suggestion] Make Light Reaction...+ More
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Default Re: [Suggestion] Make Light Reaction...+ More - 24-12-2007

Originally Posted by Stixsmaster View Post
all that is good and can you have them react to triggers/ when you hit the nuke button? and well all those are very good...those would make these bots superior to any others out there possibly even more than the CSS bots...or just the CS bots...

It also, would be nice to see them react to not just the light from a flashlight but from laser weapons like the laser from rpgs and from the laser on the pistol in OP4.

Yep those to that would excllent,not shure if would be a good for bots to listen for weapons could get hectic i think. Can you tell me please how did you get on for install for Opposing Forces? can't seem to get them workin for me. Could you please post up your Opposing Forces liblist please?

Oops one other thing i forget any chance of bot support for laying laser traps and ducking under or jumping over them don't want to much do i LOL?

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