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Default Re: progress - 13-04-2019

Entity that exploded into little creatures when you touched it ?

Are you talking about the creatures from my video on 1:52 ? It was called decore_sittingtubemortar

About the monster, have you noticed if there are some monsters on my map like Mines, Eagle, Pteranodon, and even Helicopter? There are Mini Turrets on each hill too but I didn't show them. You can kill them if you want.

By the way, I want to ask two things to you :

1. There is an enemy called "Turret" which bigger than Mini Turret. However, unlike on Half Life, this Turret seems invulnerable. How to kill it? Even Chemical Gun with zero acid, zero neutral, and base maxed, it won't help too much.

2. In map editor, there is an entity called "weapon_aicore" which also present on my map. However, I still don't know what a function of that weapon until now. Can you explain it to me?

About your bot : Yeah, I forgot about observer mode set to 1, lol xD
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