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HPBBot/Bot#10/ZWC Bot: final fixes NED HELP!
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Warning HPBBot/Bot#10/ZWC Bot: final fixes NED HELP! - 18-01-2017

HI again!. Finaly I managed to make the Bot of my mod work almost as I wanted. As some of you remember, it was made using Botmanīs Bot#10īs SDK as the main code for it. SInce it shares many functions and procedures with HPBot I decided to post this thread here and not in Offtopic or General Bot coding.

Well, as I was saying, the bot is behaving fairly well, except for some old issues that I cannot fix, no matter what I did. I must say that my knowledge of C++ is VERY basic, so I must assume that it is not a probem with the Bot#10 code but my entire and absolute lack of skills on coding.

Said that, I will expose what happen with the ZWCBot (thatīs how I call it):

-Bots cannot "see" where the void is, so they usually fall into it and die (chhese gave me a fix in 2014, but did not work, so Iīm still working on it).

-Bots seem to not recognize that there are other weapons in inventory, thus they only use the weapon on slot 2, ignoring the rest (After hundred of test sessions, they used one time the weapon on slot 1).

-Botīs aiming is quite weird, they fire upwards and forwards fine, but, suddenly is like if the weapons started to weight too much and point them to the floor even if thereīs not an enemy, then return to aim normally, but this is happening over and over.

-Another issue is that, when shooting, they start to shake up and down the weapons very fast, like a Heavy Metal addict headbanging to his death.

-Another issue is: when aiming upwards, if the Bot get past the maximum pitch angle, it bends all the body lying on the floor on its back (looks very weird).

As you can see, it is not like the bots donīt work at all, but those issues make the gamelay look like shit (IMHO).

If you want, I can post the bot_combat.cpp and bot.cpp file of the Bot.

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