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Re: Making Demos Of Your Bugs.....
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Default Re: Making Demos Of Your Bugs..... - 16-07-2004

i somehow see that if a problem is occuring on one map........then it might not be that important to change just yet until its found on many maps. some mappers dont know what they are doing fully and will map the stuff wierd, making it difficult for the bots, programmed to work on standard maps and their various normal and correctly done entity functions, so that they run on these maps as flawless as possible.

perfect example is ladder entities. ive seen some ladder entities from mappers who've sent me their maps to correct/fix.....and i noticed ladder entities with a thickness of 16 or even more units(thinking the player must be engulfed in the entity for it to work at all)....which ends up being our famous top-of-the-ladder bug. now if they were doing the ladder properly with a thickness of 3 or 4 units.......that problem/bug doesnt exist anymore.

thats more or less what i was getting at

and the thing about the buttons and how bots navigate them.....again.......buttons are all done different.......specaisl doors are the same......there are many ways to make them work and not all of them can be programmed into the bots understanding correctly. so if the bots are working properly on all the buttons in the standards maps.......and not well on some custom maps.......then its more the mappers fault for making a wierd button set up, or making something so special a bot cant possibly navigate it (like a simultaneous 2-man button pressing procedure to open one door)

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